Background Story & Settings

Times were hard for the Greek colonists of Africa Proconsularis. They had tried to withstand the great drought that summer, but eventually the threat of starvation forced them from their lands and in search of a new home. It was not long before they charted a course for the island of Melita.

There they found the ancient Greek colony in ruins, inhabited by only a few old people, who seemed to believe that they were living on the island of Atlantis. Additionally, there was a small Roman garrison on the island, but the soldiers appeared more concerned with occasional pirate raids than anything else.

The weary colonists, washed up on these new shores, set about repairing and renovating the colony in expectation of a new wave of settlers. They begin their new lives on this seemingly calm and pleasant isle, but what does the future have in store for them? Will they be able to restore the colony to its former glories? To rebuild not only the temples and the houses, but also the old trade routes and influence? Though they strive to bring peace and prosperity to their new home, the fates may have something else planned for them...


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