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In order to enhance role playing in Melita Insula we are employing the GM Meter. All members and guests will be required to wear the GM Meter in order to role play in Malita Insula.

Please note that Melita Insula is not a Gorean sim. The meter, as we have already said, is going to be used to enhance your experience while visiting Melita Insula.

The dipencer

There is a dispenser located at the sim's landing point that, when clicked on, will dispense a free GM Meter to you. You will also have the opportunity to obtain a free dagger and a free shield. Please make use of the dispenser before you actually enter Melita.

The dagger & the shield

The GM Meter is used to monitor health and defense percentages for your Avatar. As health and defense percentages decrease, so does your Avatars ability to function properly. When the percentages become extremely low, your Avatar ceases to function normally and thus you are susceptible to capture. Please note, that Melita Insula RP does not allow the death of anyone. You will only experience damage to the point of incapacity. Your incapacity will correct itself over a short period of time. However, unfortunately, you will probably find yourself tied up and captured by that time. So guess what? You will remain incapacitated. Only now you will, more than likely, be tied up and completely at the mercy of your captor.

There are various ways you can suffer damage. The first is by just falling or drawing. The second way is as the result of combat with another. You could be shot with an arrow, you might be slashed with a sword or stabbed with a dagger.

There are two basic parts to the GM Meter. They are the HUD which will normally attach to the center top of your screen. Then there is the actual attachment which will be worn by your Avatar.

Upon capture you will, as we have already mentioned already, find yourself tied up after you are captured. The ropes can be cut off by your captor or by someone else. You may even try to escape by trying to cut the ropes. However, just a warning, escape attempts are usually dealt with harshly. An important thing to remember is that you do not, under any circumstances, want to reset your GM Meter in order to facilitate an escape. This is considered cheating and it will lead to a warning and possible ejection and banning from the sim for repeat offenders.

Once the HUD and the attachment are installed, you can click on the HUD. Doing so will give you a menu with various options. The first place you want to go is to "Setup". There you will want to select "Gender" and set your appropriate gender.


Going back to the main menu, you will also see keys for "Back" "Reset" "Arena" "AFK" and "OOC". Most of these keys are self explanatory. "Back", is selected if you are "AFK" (away from keyboard) or "OOC" (out of character) and will indicate that you are IC (in character). "Reset" is the one you want to stay away from and was explained earlier. "Arena" is a specific mode that can be selected when you want to "practice" using the GM Meter (more on that in a moment).

One other thing you will want to do is to set the meter label (the label that will appear over your Avatars head). To do this, in open chat, type: /12 meter label [some label] Example: /12 meter label vb.

The last option on the main menu is "Coins". When you first install the GM Meter you will be given a few coins as well. You may ask why? Well in our case, you can, if you are good enough, try to steal (pick pocket) coins from others. If you are not good enough and you get caught, oh well...

That is about all there is for the basics. You will be able to practice using your GM Meter in an OOC Arena. Please note, when you are in this practice area, you want to set your GM Meter to Arena (the default setting is combat). Setting it to Arena precludes the same type of damage you would experience in combat. In other words you will see your health and defense percentages will fall but you will not be incapacitated in the same way when they fall low enough for capture. It is the setting used for practice. Also, in the Arena resetting your meter is OK. It is the only time it is ok. Make sure that when you leave the Arena you set your meter back to combat mode.


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