Melita Insula Role Play

How to Play on Melita Insula

When you first arrive on the island, please restrain your interaction to OOC and IM, until you become a member of the Melita group. Walk around, observe, try to get the feeling of the island. Wear the observer tag, please.

Join the group "Melita insula" at the entrance. You will receive your group label named "Colonus Melitae". Wearing that tag allows you to explore the sims in RP and in character. However, be aware, as soon as you enter in RP you are bound to the sim rules and not following them will always be a reason to be asked to leave or banned. Hence make sure you have read and understood the rules before entering.

Wearing the Colonus Melitae tag will allow you to develop your own character, explore the RP of the sim and find an appropriate subgroup to enter. The main subgroups will be listed and explained in this section of the blog.

1. Read the rules and follow them. Ignoring them will never be an excuse for eventual mistakes.

2. Click the "Join Melita insula group" - group invitor, then "Infos & rules" notecard giver and follow instructions. The group invitor is found at the main TP point in the main port, near the tavern and lighthouse.

3. Get the GM meter and HUD from the GM meter dispenser, and wear them (GM meter found at the main TP point in the main port). Please add your RP name and occupation/characteristics in the meter. Examples: Fausta - Roman trader, Nikephorus - Greek mercenary, and so forth.
To change meter name type in open chat:
/12 meter label

Melita Insula and Gor: Melita insula is a realistic environment with a real historical background. Melita insula is not a Gorean comunity. It does not follow the Gorean ideology or customs. It only uses the Gorean meter (GM) for role play, combat and capture purposes.

4 . Enter the sims and start enjoying your roleplay.

Moderators and Admins For all issues in role play, or if you are interested in knowing more about Melita insula and the RP here please contact Arachne Demonia, Woka Flow or Liuba Lutrova. Their decision is final over any issues on Melita insula sim.


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