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The profile is the first place that most experienced roleplayers look at for information about your character. Your profile should contain information that tells the people that might be roleplaying with you how to deal with your character; what to expect, what you like and often things to avoid. Many experienced players will ignore you if there is nothing in your profile.

Conversely you should read the profiles of the people you want to RP with... They often tell a story, or give you clues about what is acceptable and what is not.. Most of the players have clearly stated their limits in their profile, also check the "picks" tab as many people have additional details in those picks.. often details that apply specifically to one roleplay area (i.e. a picks entry for 'Melita Insula' a separate entry for 'Pirates' and an entry for "Gladiators")

Also take note of the 'My Notes" tab... this tab can be used for private notes about someone you have met.. a way to jog your memory about details regarding someone.. these are private notes and only you can see the comments on the "My Notes" tab.


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