Musica Romana - Symphonia Panica

This CD deals with archaeological finds of ancient musical instruments. Emphasis is placed on Roman Panflutes, of which several have survived. These pan-flutes have been reconstructed. You can listen to two of them are on this CD. The Panflute from Titz-Ameln in Germany and from Eschnez in Switzerland. Also accompanying reconstructions of lute, harp, reed-instruments and percussion-instruments, the panflutes are on their way to the present day.

The songs are partly of original notations of Roman times, because in fact there were already an ancient musical notation. The other titles have been carefully composed to sound the broad spectrum of instruments posibilities. The CD was produced in cooperation with the Kantons-Archäologie Thurgau, Switzerland.

1. XVIII 3:27
2. Cave Carmen 2:41
3. Pandoura Hora 2:45
4. Fistula Thurga 2:39
5. Poem Mor 3:30
6. Fistulae Pastorales 2:46
7. Caerulae Bellermanni 2:24
8. Faunus 2:51


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