Estate policy

Salve colonus. So you just arrived in Melita and you are looking for a shelter, hold on. Follow me at the tavern for a cup of wine, after we are done you may rest upstairs and spend a night or two. If you have decided to stay longer and be an active citizen you may contact one of the city's aediles (administrators) and ask for a domus (house), yes, it is free, if you plan to live in Melita Insula and be an active citizen, along with some resources (40 prims). 

There are are more options of course if you belong to a rulling class and you bring along your family or your service staff, in this case you may occupy a larger domus or even a villa, for free, along with enough resources. Your only obligation is your reasonable amount of participation to the colony's activities.

Every colonist, citizen, visitor or passerby is expected to follow all laws of government as they have been explained by the time you arrived on the island. For more details about our estate policy and rules you may contact any of our administrators. Enjoy your stay!


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