Settlers in Melita Insula

The aedile administration of Melita informs all citizens and colonii:
"Dedicated role players can receive a small house or apartment on the island, for free. If a dedicated role player wants a more luxurious residence, we might consider building and renting a small villa to him or her, depending on how involved is that player in the sim".
For this pourpose we are offering the following builds:

An huge domus for a patrician/equestrian family/group formed of at least 3 person.
Located on a middle position, between the harbour and the cultural center, it enjoys of a nice view.
Prims allowed: 40.

Docks Insula.
Located near the plebis insula, at few steps from the harbour, theese builds are pretty big to guest familyes as well. 
Two apartments available (minimum two members for each group/family).
Prims allowed: 25 for each apartment.

Plebis Insula (1).
Four homes one next another, built with a typical punic/phoenician architecture mixed
with romans details.
Apartments are for single members or familyes as well.
Prims allowed: 20 for each home 
Plebis Insula (2).
One build in roman style with a typical Pompeian coloured plaster
For single members or familyes as well.
Prims allowed: 25 

All those interested may contact Hermes (Tonio Renfold) or Arachne Demonia in world, directly or leaving a notecard, or sending an email on Contact Us section of this blog, specyfing avatar name, role invested in land and type of build requested.


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