The GM Meter

Combat Meters are often looked at as tools for combat. And people who are not into the usage of weapons in SL often dislike them. Advanced Combat Meters offer a wide range of further options. Which is often not discussed. In Melita Insula we use the GM or Gorean Meter (and no, we are not Gor).

The GM has its origin in Gorean Roleplay Sims. SInce it is easy to setup and offers some Roleplay options, it was spread out also to Non-Gorean Sims. To avoid confusion, the Non-Gorean Sims can now use also the GM. It is exactly the same like "Gorean Meter", but the name will now no longer have the simowners explain "we are not Gor".
We will cover the general setup and also some options, the GM offers.


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